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Now that your dog does day care, you’ve opened a very
“social” box! Joins us for these unique annual events
and more!


Bark in the Park with the Atlanta Braves
WAG-A-LOT hosts this always quick to sell out event at Turner Field. WAG-A-LOT, The Atlanta Braves official Doggie Day Care, turns Sky Field into a pooch paradise so that dog loving Braves Fans can enjoy a game with Fido. This popular event typically takes place twice a year in the Spring and Fall and typically draws 600 dogs and 1,200 parents.

Back to School Night
WAG-A-LOT treats the parents to a Back to School cocktail hour. Highlights include the unleashing of Class Pictures and Class Superlatives. Find out who is "Most Likely to be Found in Time Out."

Annual WAG Award
WAG-A-LOT starts accepting nominations for this annual award in November and rewards someone in our community during the Holidays who has found a way to give-a-lot so that more dogs can WAG-A-LOT. 10 year old Mia Rugiano won the very first WAG Award in 2007 and in conjunction with Logic Technical Services was awarded money to pursue her dream of establishing her own web site that promotes the spaying and neutering of cats and dogs, the elimination of senseless euthanasia, and promotes the adoption of healthy pets.