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schmoo's daddy

Meet Craig Koch, aka Schmoo's Daddy! Like lots of parents,
we are often better known as the Mom or Dad of our children.
At human school, I am proud to be Gavin & Vera’s Dad.
And when I am at WAG-A-LOT, the only cool, drool canine
school in town, I am so … Schmoo’s Daddy!

schmoo's daddy

I actually have 5 amazing dogs: Schmoo, Hank, Scooter, Lars & Juno (RIP Bob, 1998-2015) … but Schmoo was my first and the “inspiration” for WAG-A-LOT (be sure to visit the INSPIRATON page)! If you want to get to know me better, please take the time to read our MISSION and “meet” our PACK LEADERS on this site. My passion for dogs and life in general permeates the fur of this company. I believe culture speaks volumes and our playful barks can be quite loud. Life is short. Live a little … WAG-A-LOT! – Craig

Dog Care Industry Consultant
Want to open your own doggie day care?
Let Craig’s 15+ years of experience be your guide!
Contact: craigkoch@wagalot.com

Pet Trend Expert
As the leader of an organization that has cared for well in excess of 1 Million dogs, Craig has shared his expert advice on everything & anything related to dog care on CNN, HLN, HSN, TBS, The Weather Channel, ABC, CBS, Fox, HGTV and numerous publications. If your organization needs commentary on anything from dog behavior and care to dog décor and fashion, please contact Craig via email at craigkoch@wagalot.com.

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Instagram*: www.instagram.com/schmoosdaddy
Twitter: www.twitter.com/schmoosdaddy
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/wagalotcompany
Friend Him on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CraigBKoch

*The first 365 postings on SchmoosDaddy Instagram account make up a very personal project Craig named #WAGALOT365.  These postings captured a year in the life of Schmoo … one photo for 365 consecutive days.  Fur kids often take a back seat when human kids arrive on the scene.  Schmoo was such an important part of Craig’s life that he wanted to find a way to hyper-bond and reconnect with her during her 15th year of life.  As you will see, Schmoo is a crucial and adorable part of Craig’s family … day in, day out!