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1919 Hills Avenue NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
P: 404.795.8346

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Monday through Friday: 6:30AM - 7:30PM
Saturday & Sunday: 7:30AM - 7:30PM

On several holidays throughout the year, WAG-A-LOT closes our lobbies or have abbreviated hours so that more of our associates can enjoy the day with their families. While boarding with us, your dogs will still receive extraordinary care as our staff is still present and making sure they too enjoy the Holiday! Playtime is limited on these days and more focus is put on one-on-one attention. We will attend to your dogs for a minimum of ten hours on these days (7AM to 12PM & 2PM to 7PM).
  Easter Sunday
Lobby Open from 7AM to 11AM & 3PM to 7PM
No Daycare. No Grooming.

Thanksgiving Day
Lobby Closed. No Daycare. No Grooming.

Christmas Eve
Lobby Closes Early at 6:30PM.

Christmas Day
Lobby Closed. No Daycare. No Grooming.