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The WORLD needs to WAG-A-LOT Ö it is our MISSION!
See what makes us WAG below.

mission statement

To provide the best in quality dog care through innovative, personalized, caring services for dogs and their owners who must be apart from one another from time to time.

To improve the health and welfare of dogs through exercise, diet, social interaction, agility, mind stimulation, human companionship and community outreach.

To perpetuate happiness through the ever-so-rewarding relationships of dog-dog, dog-owner, and fellow owners.

To establish and maintain a fun, challenging and rewarding work environment that will allow us to retain a first class team of WAG Specialists.

WAG-A-LOTís Mission is to provide innovative, practical, top-notch services and products that improve the way people spend time away from their dogs and with their dogs. We believe our first responsibility is to the beloved dogs who use our services and products. WAG-A-LOTís strong financial position and experience enables us to provide superior, customized dog care for dog enthusiasts. In carrying out our day-to-day business, we encourage our associates to be more like dogs in the following regard:

Take on the World, the day, a customerís request with zest and passion (FETCH)!

Work towards achieving goals and savor the rewards (ROLLOVER. GOOD BOY. TREAT.)

Celebrate the simple pleasures in life like long leisurely walks.

Exercise regularly and enjoy the benefits of good health (LONG LIFE, ALERTNESS, MUSCLE TONE ... NICE COAT).

In addition to this, we seek and hold in high regard honesty, integrity, accountability, communication, innovation, diversity and those who tend to WAG-A-LOT.

meet schmoo!

This drawing was inspired by the likes
of Schmoo. But more importantly, the logo
represents the tell-ítailí sign of a happy
dog ... the tail that likes to WAG-A-LOT.